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Great Sources for FREE Stock Photos

29 August 2014 Written by

Good photography is essential is modern web design.  If you can't afford custom photography, there are many great stock photo sites out there. At Third Sun we often use Deposit Photos, Dollar Photo Club (great photos - all sizes just $1), Big Stock Photo, and Dreamstime.   Paid stock photo sites have rates that vary widely, so check out all the options carefully.

Recently, we've come across more and more free photography sites.  Some of these provide images of great quality, and they are often more unique then you'll get from commercial stock sites.   Be sure to check each sites terms of use, and attribution requirements. 

Summer Site Launches!

29 August 2014 Written by

As summer winds down, we'll take a look at some of the projects that have kept us busy for the last few months.

Thanks to Local First Utah for the Shout Out

07 August 2014 Written by

We were excited to be highlighted on Local First Utah's blog about the Leaders Circle this week. Since 2006, we've worked with Local First Utah through a lot of growth and change, and we're excited as the local movement takes hold in all corners to be part of it.

Sponsoring the Utah Arts Festival

17 June 2014 Written by

We love the Utah Arts Festival for many reasons like everyone else, but when we were just a start-up nine years ago looking for clients to take a chance on Third Sun Productions, the Utah Arts Festival hired us. As an unknown at the time, we got a kick out of seeing our logo next to Wells Fargo and other big corporations.

After designing and managing nine festival websites since 2006, we are part of the Festival family and find great pride in being part of one of the largest arts festival in the country, not to mention the absolute largest in Utah. 

Every year, we try to catch something new. Although both Troy and I love music always since our KRCL days together, there are some amazing finds at the Festival every year that we've learned to appreciate. The Fear No Film Festival, for example, could stand on its own as a great shorts festival by itself, and yet, you get to attend these shorts films from all over the world for free at the Main SLC Library Auditorium. Stumbling upon a large crowd a couple of years ago, I stopped to listen to a poetry slam. The Art Yard is a pleasant surprise every year, not just for the kids, but color and playful energy abound.

This year, IAMA (the Intermountain Acoustic Music Association) hosts is annual folk festival on the Festival grounds, so we will be treated to singersongwriter finalists competing while Australia's Strange Fruit keeps the Utah Arts Festival on the map for booking great acts that often defy gravity and delight Festival goers.

Check it out June 26-29, 2014, at Library Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. Visit the website for all of the details ( and download the app (iPhone and Android) that Third Sun helped design and develop.

And please watch for us at the Festival and say hello!

What is a Content Management System?

17 June 2014 Written by

A Content Management System (CMS) is software designed to empower users with little or no knowledge of programming or HTML with authoring tools and other easy-to-manage features so that a website may be maintained with relative ease.

In modern web development a content management system of some sort is essential. Web design firms take different approaches to this reality - some build their own while others use commercial solutions and others utilize open-source software.

Third Sun Productions specializes in building websites using an open source CMS called Joomla. We currently have nearly 200 clients making use of this cost-effective and robust content management system because of the benefits the system offers.

New website launched for Envision Utah

14 January 2014 Written by

Envision Utah is skilled at bringing stakeholders together. With them, we worked with the Wasatch Choice 2040 coalition (headed by the Wasatch Front Regional Council) to bring together tools for planners and citizens alike.

The website features extensive resources on the planning process and allows those using the tools to communicate with one another via online forums.

Visit Envision Utah »

Take Good Notes

30 September 2013 Written by

About every other month or so, a client comes to us with a problem related to a domain name. In a few cases, the domain name registration has expired right underneath them because somebody at the organization registered it 10 years ago and never left any other documentation of it. Website goes down; email is unavailable. Verifying that you own the domain name can be rough if you're not listed on the account. Doman name records can take 24-72 hours to update so this can be something that impacts you pretty significantly. Sometimes it's a little less dire, but no less inconvenient.