Who is Third Sun Productions?

Third Sun Productions started with one central idea: that website design should be affordable, cost-effective, and good-looking. 

When we started back in 2005, so many things were emerging on the internet. Static websites were the status quo and small businesses and nonprofits still weren't sure they could afford to have a website. Now it's nearly a requirement, but there are many things to think about with your website, from SEO (search engine optimization) best practices to social media to blogging to technologies that haven't even emerged yet.

Our Approach

Nonprofit organizations and small businesses need AND deserve good service and affordable options for web design and marketing. 

Ever since we made that assumption in 2005, Third Sun Productions has been dedicated to a cost-effective and solutions-driven approach. We can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of the internet, identify your audience and calls to action, and integrate or develop your brand.



Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Third Sun Productions was founded in 2005 by Troy Mumm and Jocelyn Kearl. Since then, we have helped more than 200 small businesses and nonprofits create, develop, and improve their online presence. In 2014, Michael Yount joined as Creative Director and in 2016, Johnnae Nardone joined as Client & Program Manager.

With a broad range of skills and experiences in marketing, nonprofits, tech, and design, we bring a unique perspective to the website building process. We like matching a message with a visual, we like when form and function work together, and we like to make things work efficiently. 

Building a Better Community

We like to say that we "build better websites to build a better community," and we're doing our best to make a difference. Third Sun Productions is unique in our commitment to the nonprofit community in Utah from Logan to Monticello, and we have made a sustained effort to provide affordable and quality service so that organizations can improve our communities through their programs, events, and services.

2015-2016 Event Sponsorships

  • Utah Arts Festival
  • Downtown Farmers Market in Salt Lake City
  • Eat Local Week
  • Utah Philanthropy Day
  • Urban Flea Market in Salt Lake City
  • 9th West Farmers Market (formerly The People's Market)
  • TEDx Salt Lake City
  • Taste of the Wasatch

Other Sponsored Organizations

  • Local First Utah
  • Utah Nonprofits Association
  • I Heart Rose Park
  • The Inn Between

We also provide free hosting and discounted services to many other nonprofit organizations in Utah.