Since 2005, Third Sun Productions has helped hundreds of nonprofits, small businesses, and other organizations with web design and branding.

  • Envision Utah

    Envision Utah

    Envision Utah has been at the center of many important issues over the last two decades as an organization that educates about and promotes smart growth. Working with the staff at Envision Utah, Third Sun developed a more dynamic website to help Envision Utah communicate its current initiatives and projects.

  • Navigen Pharmaceutical

    Navigen Pharmaceutical

    Navigen, based in Salt Lake City, develops pharmaceutical technologies through academic research. The latest website design for Navigen is clean and elegant but expands to tell more of their specific technologies that they are working on.

  • The Gateway

    The Gateway

    Third Sun redesigned the website for the Gateway mall, an outdoor shopping center in downtown Salt Lake City.  The website features an online directory of stores, restaurants, and attractions, and the template is designed to rotate various backgrounds that match the Gateway's current marketing pieces.

  • Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective

    Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective

    The Bicycle Collective promotes bikes and bike services throughout communities in Utah, focusing on lower-income neighborhoods where kids may need bikes and education.

    The new website helps highlight latest news, upcoming events, and makes it easy to donate online to support their work.

  • 9th West Farmers Market

    9th West Farmers Market

    The 9th West Farmers Market (formerly the People's Market) underwent a rebranding in 2014 to help appeal to even more members of the community in the 9th West area of Salt Lake City. 


  • Asian Association of Utah

    Asian Association of Utah

    The Refugee & Immigrant Center by the Asian Association of Utah provides support to the immigrant community in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

    The goal for our second iteration of their website was to make these programming areas more prominent through the use of rotating photography on the home page while allowing the staff more options for news and success stories. 

  • Jewish Community Center

    Jewish Community Center

    The Salt Lake Jewish Community Center offers a wide range of services, events and facilities for everyone in the community. Third Sun built their new website to feature an extensive online calendar, event registration, online membership, and donation form. To help distinguish between program areas, multiple colored templates are in use. 

  • Utah Gateway Community Forum

    Utah Gateway Community Forum

    The Utah Gateway Community Forum seeks to help leaders and land managers in gateway communities near Utah's National Parks and other recreational areas to communicate to find solutions to common issues and problems. 

  • The Dee Council - University of Utah

    The Dee Council - University of Utah

    The Dee Council awards grants in the College of Fine Arts and Humanities. We developed this website to allow students to submit applications and faculty to submit letters of recommendation. The review committee is able to log in and review all applications online.

  • ACLU Utah

    ACLU Utah

    The ACLU of Utah publishes a lot of content about their ongoing cases, and the challenge was to help this content be digestable and searchable in a more user-friendly way. Using thumbnails, tags, and short intros, the ACLU of Utah website delivers content about the important work they are doing.

  • Utah Law Related Education

    Utah Law Related Education

    Utah Law Related Education helps young people learn about the Constitution and the law during mock trials and other activities. The website is a hub for teachers, students, and volunteer lawyers.

  • Mapping SLC

    Mapping SLC

    Mapping SLC is an exciting new collaborative project between the Utah Humanities Council, the University of Utah, and Westminster College. The volunteer group is soliciting and publishing stories about Salt Lake City. 

    Third Sun Productions helped organize and develop the website with ways to categorize and tag stories. Interested story writers can submit their ideas online for consideration. 

  • Downtown Farmers Market

    Downtown Farmers Market

    The Downtown Farmers Market has grown over the last several years into a Saturday destination for many in Salt Lake. The website features information about the market, an art and craft directory, calendar of events, online store, and more.

  • Knead a Massage

    Knead a Massage

    Knead a Massage is a Salt Lake City and Park City favorite for great massage services. The new website that Third Sun designed needed to showcase their existing brand and underscore the appeal of massage for those of us along the Wasatch Front with active lifestyles. The website also highlights their Featured Athletes and the many good causes they support in our community.

  • Dinner at Vinny's

    Dinner at Vinny's

    We're proud to be part of a start-up effort to fund the kitchen that serves hungry people in Salt Lake City at the Catholic Community Service's St. Vincent De Paul Dining Hall. We worked with a committee to come up with the concept and content for the website.

    The goal is to engage people to purchase 'shares' to fund the program year to year. A $50 share buys about 119 meals.

  • Scena Essentials

    Scena Essentials

    Scena Essentials includes a full-service e-commerce for essential oils and related products.

    Third Sun Productions designed the logo and developed the online shopping cart for customers to browse and purchase essential oils.

  • EPIC Brewing Company

    EPIC Brewing Company

    Adding to the diverse offerings of our community, EPIC Brewing offers high-point beers by the bottle. The site takes advantage of EPIC's strong graphically designed bottle labels and provides a directory of where to find EPIC across the country.

  • Millcreek Venture Out

    Millcreek Venture Out

    Millcreek Venture Out offers weekly Friday night festivals during the summer that are open to everyone. 

    The new website highlights the weekly events and location and feature news from the community.

  • The State Room

    The State Room

    The State Room is the premiere live music theater in Salt Lake City featuring a variety of bands and solo performers in an intimate 300-seat venue.

    Third Sun Productions built their website to showcase their upcoming shows and provide an interactive and fun experience for music fans and concert goers to preview upcoming performers through video.

  • Jewish Family Services

    Jewish Family Services

    Jewish Family Service is a long-time Third Sun client, and this is the second iteration of their website featuring the programs that they offer to the community.

  • Ogden Nature Center

    Ogden Nature Center

    The Ogden Nature Center is a long-time client of Third Sun Productions. This is the third iteration of their website, featuring some gorgeous new photos that will inspire you to visit the place in person.

  • Laziz Foods

    Laziz Foods

    Laziz Foods is a great example of the growing foodie movement in Salt Lake City. Third Sun, using Laziz's established branding elements, developed the new website to allow for blog, an Instagram feed, calendar, and more info for fans of Laziz.

  • Local First Utah

    Local First Utah

    Third Sun Productions has been working with Local First Utah since 2005 to help the organization get its message out and gather likeminded businesses together. Because we know how important our local businesses are to our community, we have been a dedicated partner with Local First Utah, offering annual sponsorships for in-kind work in support of the mission to raise awareness of the importance of buying local.

    The newly designed website in 2014 seeks to streamline some of the process by which businesses become members and annually update their listings. This version also offers businesses 'enhanced listing' opportunities to support the movement. We also provided the new graphic design with typographical calls to action in support of their well-established brand.

  • Ririe-Woodbury Dance

    Ririe-Woodbury Dance


    Third Sun designed a sleek and modern website for Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, focusing on the excellent photography they had available.  

    The site features workshop registraiton, an event calendar, online donations, and photo and video galleries. 


  • Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency (CAPSA)

    Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency (CAPSA)

    Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency (CAPSA) in Logan, Utah, provides support and services to those dealing with domestic violence or rape. They are doing amazing work to help women, men, and children cope with and overcome the effects of abuse.

    Their new website features dual language capabilities (for Spanish) and an online donation form plus other ways to get involved.

  • Community Shares Utah

    Community Shares Utah

    Community Shares Utah builds workplace campaigns on behalf of its Utah nonprofit members covering various causes from animals to the environment. The latest website design by Third Sun Productions highlights these members and helps employers enroll their businesses.

  • Meditrina


    Meditrina is one of the premier dining destinations in Salt Lake City. The new website is designed to represent that unique character and ambiance of this small plates restaurant. 

  • I Heart Rose Park

    I Heart Rose Park

    I Heart Rose Park is an effort by the residents of the Rose Park neighborhood in Salt Lake City to show off their events, businesses, and other activities that shape a pretty west-side neighborhood. Third Sun assisted with their graphic design in addition to website design.

  • Fourth Street Clinic

    Fourth Street Clinic

    Fourth Street Clinic is a well-run nonprofit in our community that fills a vital role in providing health care to members of our community. Third Sun helped this organization convey its message via their website through photography and improved navigation.

  • Alpha Warranty Services

    Alpha Warranty Services

    Alpha Warranty Services has been providing vehicle warranty services since 2002. Third Sun developed a new logo to cast their company in a more youthful and approachable light. Combined with their new photography, the website makes an impact from the home page and helps their customers, dealers, and agents navigate smoothly throughout.

  • Circle the Wagons

    Circle the Wagons

    Circle the Wagons is a unique organization focused on helping victims of violent crime that was founded by Vickie Walker after the tragic "Trolley Square Shooting" in Salt Lake City in 2007 that took the lives of several people, including the founder's husband, and wounded others, including the founder's son. 

    The new website highlights resources in all 50 states along with national organizations that work to help victims of crime, and allows website visitors to easily make a donation.

  • NAMI Utah

    NAMI Utah

    NAMI Utah has been a Third Sun client since our founding. They offer services and programs to those who need mental health assistance or family members of those who do. 

    The latest website design offers a more dynamic color palette and helps those in outlying areas throughout Utah to find activities in their regions. 

  • Only in Salt Lake

    Only in Salt Lake

    Third Sun produced this site for the Salt Lake City Economic Development department to promote Salt Lake's unique business neighborhoods. Its blog features content about the unique 'placemaking' streets, restaurants, and other businesses in our neighborhoods.

  • Utah Clean Energy

    Utah Clean Energy

    Utah Clean Energy promotes ways to sustain our communities through the use of renewable energy. 

  • Underfoot Floors

    Underfoot Floors

    Underfoot Floors offers earth friendly and other unique flooring solutions. 

    We designed their website to show off some of their floors and provide info about types of flooring available.

  • Callister Nebeker & McCullough

    Callister Nebeker & McCullough

    Callister Nebeker & McCullough is a storied law firm in Salt Lake City, Utah, best known for its banking area (as the attorneys for Zions Bank) and for its estate and tax planning area.

    Respecting the history and profile of this law firm, Third Sun Productions helped to redesign the logo and establish new brand guidelines while also reenvisioning the brand with new written content for both web and print. The project included developing and designing brochures for each of the 13 practice areas at the firm and designing supporting letterhead, business cards, envelopes, and additional collateral. 

  • Age Connections

    Age Connections

    Third Sun created a set of five sites that use different color schemes and logos, but reflect the fact that they are all related organizations. 

  • McCune Mansion

    McCune Mansion

    The McCune Mansion is an historical setting that allows a unique space for meetings, weddings, and other special events.

    Third Sun designed this website to help display the beauty and elegance of the McCune Mansion's offerings while allowing website visitors to navigate easily and contact for more information.

  • Salt Lake Acting Company

    Salt Lake Acting Company

    Salt Lake Acting Company is well-known in Utah for its serious drama as well as annual political comedy, Saturday's Voyeur. 

    Third Sun Productions designed a website for SLAC to feature the season's schedule with clear prompts to buy tickets and enjoy the shows.

  • Downtown Alliance

    Downtown Alliance

    We have worked with the Downtown Alliance on a variety of projects, most recently the redesign of their own website. The new site features several great impact photos of downtown SLC along with many ways to connect socially.