A Content Management System (CMS) is software designed to empower users with little or no knowledge of programming or HTML with authoring tools and other easy-to-manage features so that a website may be maintained with relative ease. Third Sun builds websites using an open source CMS called Joomla! We currently have more than 100 clients making use of this cost-effective and robust content management system because of the benefits the system offers.

Why Joomla!?

Joomla! is one of the most powerful open source content management systems available. It is literally used by and developed by thousands of people worldwide. The Joomla! software is non-proprietary and does not require any expensive licensing. Joomla!'s user-friendly and intuitive interface allows an end user to make updates and modifications to their web content.

Some of the advantages of using Joomla include:

  • Cost effective content management solution (no licensing fees)
  • Robust features and components (thousands of available extensions)
  • Administrative interface on front end and back end for updates and management
  • No specific software is required (such as Dreamweaver or Contribute)

Beyond simple management of your content, some available features include:

  • E-commerce and online donations
  • Calendars, event management, and registration
  • Custom forms and form management
  • Photo and video galleries
  • Social networking integration
  • And much, much more!

Third Sun Productions believes that a CMS set up and designed the right way offers a very robust website option for small businesses and nonprofit organizations in particular because of the increasing need to provide up-to-date news, events, and other timely updates to their customers and constituents.