End Users Don't Care How Your Company is Organized

This quote from an article I read recently by Peyton Lindley made me think of a few of our clients lately who are struggling with their website organization. Instead of worrying about their user experience, they forced their web content to align with their mission-oriented areas (of course, we advised them not to do this but sometimes when 'the customer is always right,' our advice gets overruled). The problem is, while "Engagement" or "Empowerment" and "Think" may seem like very active and only for you exciting words that you have spent many hours discussing in a board or staff meeting with your particular vision of buying viagra from mexico how these words might help you achieve your goals, they are usually not at all intuitive or helpful to your user. 

Your website, although it content-wise about you and your organization, is only effective if it really is all about your user.  It might seem obvious to tramadol fast from canada fast shipping label something "Get Involved." And it's supposed to be, you know, obvious. You want your user to "get involved", right?

"The end user doesn't care how your company is where to purchase cialis structured." 

User interface matters, and therefore, labeling and the words you choose matter. And they matter a lot. Combined with intuitive design, they are your best hope to move your donors/patrons/constituents toward a committed action -- donating online, registering for a class, buying your product, etc. Don't make them work so hard.

The further extension of this, as Lindley points out in his article, "The Key To A Unified Brand: A Consistent UI," is to bring your design and messaging into one consistent voice. Be mindful that your web presence should speak the levitra pharmaceutical same language as your design and brochures and all of the other things that help you express a clear and united message.

Jocelyn Kearl
Written on Tuesday, 13 March 2012 09:00 by Jocelyn Kearl

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